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DTL Industries is a Ottawa-based private space company headquartered in Kanata, under the leadership of CEO Gene Belvedere.


DTL Industries was founded in 1996 by Canadian processed-meat industry billionaire Gene Belvedere, with early investment from numerous leading processed meat producers. The name "DTL" was chosen by Belvedere, who has remained notoriously secretive about its meaning, sarcastically stating in interviews that it "does not stand for anything important" and is "is not the result of any in-joke whatsoever".
The company is privately-owned, and, in many cases, this ownership is legally suspect, with major stakeholders believed by some to include Belvedere, multiple DeBeers executives and prominent Chinese politicians, and at least one Central American drug cartel.
The company is headquartered in Kanata, Ottawa, and employs approximately 150 people. They hold a license from the Government of Canada allowing them to operate manned space launches with little oversight, provided all crew are under the age of 18, a privilege for which they pay a sum of three hundred dollars annually.
Additionally, they hold a license from Mondelez International, the manufacturer of orange-flavored powdered drink mix Tang, allowing them to not only drink Tang in space but also to manufacture it there and act as the drink's regional distributor.


DTL Industries has in the past been involved in numerous ventures, both in aerospace and the larger high-tech industry, including manufacturing of laser assemblies for HD-DVD players, acting as the exclusive launch provider for Serbia and Montenegro, and a communications satellite contract with Nortel.
Current ventures include space mining work, a project to transport cryogenically frozen astronauts to Proxima Centauri over the course of more than 200 years, and a joint venture with SpaceX to land a barge on a rocket.

Involvement with OCESS

OCESS' mission on October 26, 2018 partnered with the company, planning to cryogenically freeze and launch a team of five OCESS astronauts into interstellar space for a 213-year journey to Proxima Centauri. During the mission, astronauts were "frozen" and "thawed", exiting the longhouse to find a habitat still on earth, and destroyed by squatters after two centuries of post-nuclear-war anarchy. Whether the Timeline is still within the universe in which this nuclear war occurs is unknown.