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Crunch Time is the month-long period preceding the Mission. During this time, there are frequently work sessions on Thursdays and Saturdays as well as on Fridays. Before the mission can launch, doors, cameras, phones, and the network must be functioning perfectly, and the Planetary Surface must be nearing completion.

Previous Crunch Times


Compared to the previous year, Crunch Time 2009-10 was relatively disaster-free, since most of the necessary systems had been set up the previous year. It remains to be seen whether Daedalus will launch without incident, as the two gateway computers necessary to allow the Albert Street network to communicate with the Lisgar Network are not completed and the phone lines that need to go over the Virtual Private Network to Mission Control at Lisgar are not yet operational, a sink has yet to be installed in the Interlock, and the habitat is not yet clean.


This year, the mission launched four days late because none of the crucial systems were working and the OCDSB contractors still had work to do in the construction of the habitat. Even after "launching" these systems were still not ready, as launch happened 4 hours late due to Network Failure. The multiple planetary systems were not finished until minutes before EVAs.