Chilled Knife

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This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.

The Chilled Knife refers to a knife at OCESS's 440 Albert location that happened to be in the Habitat when the Silver Seas 2018 mission started. Its name comes from its origins as one of several innocuous items stored in the freezer without any practical reason (see Chilled for more details).

The Event

The Chilled Knife gained notoriety for an especially odd event that occurred when an unnamed astronaut was ordered to take an extra sleep shift due to overtaxxing themselves to compensate for astronauts lost to the Space Plague. Shortly after settling into their bunk, the astronaut saw the knife in the middle of the floor on the longhouse. As the door to the longhouse was closed, how the knife got there is unknown, and since it presumably was present before the astro started their sleep shift (the last time the longhouse door was opened), how this astronaut missed the knife until after entering their bunk is a mystery.


Thankfully, the knife was notably dull, so even unnoticed it posed more danger as a tripping hazard than anything else. Upon noticing the knife, the astronaut picked it up, commented on the strangeness of the situation to the astronauts on shift, returned it to the freezer, and went back to their sleep shift.