Breaker Panel Operation Procedures

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General Procedures

Consult with a Tech Specialist or the Resource Director for assistance

Restoring Power (single module)

Check the habitat GFCI breaker for the affected module. Press the black trip button then the red reset button. If the habitat GFCI breaker does not trip but the power does not come back on, attempt to determine and remove the cause of the overload. This may include excessive amount of operative electrical devices on one circuit. Contact MC for remote restoration of power at the main breakers.

Restoring Power (entire habitat)

If the GFCI breakers have not been tripped, follow P4.1.3 and inform Mission Control of the situation. Mission Control will inform you as to the nature of the emergency and might order P4.3.2.

Terminating Power

If the situation permits, shut down all electronics in the module(s) to be powered down. Then trip the GFCI breaker using the black button.

Repetitive Breaker Tripping

The circuit is overloaded or potentially damaged. Terminate power to the circuit and remove (unplug) all electronics from the circuit. Follow P4.3.2 and wait If the breaker trips again, the module is to be sealed for the remainder of the mission. Mission Control may order P4.1.2 at the discretion of the Commanders and Tech Director.