Astronaut Maintenance (procedures)

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The astronauts must maintain perfect physical health throughout the mission.


All astronauts must cycle for at least half an hour per day. This will be scheduled by the Mission Commander. They may cycle at whichever pace they can maintain but are encouraged to push themselves. The Astronauts are to have their biomeds taken before and after the cycling as well as one other time during the day.


If the astronauts must take their 'biomeds' this means they must check their blood pressure and pulse. Strap apparatus to arm. Turn the blood pressure apparatus on, push ready, then remain as still as possible until the check is complete. Let the apparatus pressurize, wait for the apparatus to get readings, get readings of screen on apparatus.


The Astronauts must be properly nourished. They are to eat three meals a day. All food is predetermined before the mission. Available 'snacks' are also predetermined. No extra food is to be brought on the mission. Food will be prepared in advance of the appointed time of ingestion (duty Scheduled by Mission Commander) and cleaned up by other astronauts afterwards.


Fatigue levels should be kept to a minimum. The astronauts do have an appointed time each day at which they are supposed to sleep. Recommended sleep time: 8 hours. Mission Control will not enforce this, but they will also not tolerate fatigue problems on the next day.


If an astronaut is ill, or is hurt, he/she is to be quarantined. The Hotlab is ideal for this purpose, as it has a decontamination field. If the astronaut is required to move around or participate in group activities, he or she is to put on an EVA suit, so that he or she remains in an isolated environment.

Brain Balancing

At given times in the mission, the itinerary will require all members of the Mission Team to cease all communications and non-essential activities to participate in restful activities such as siesta (under the true meaning of the term which involves eating, drinking and muted partying), napping, and meditation.