Year-End Barbeque

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Yan, Jen, and Sylvia at the 2007 BBQ.
(CW)Matt, Stefan, Maclean, Cheyenne, Anthony, Nevin at the 2007 BBQ
The Year-End Barbeque is an annual Spacesim event. It is held after final exams, usually in July, and is a

gathering for all Spacesim members and Alumni. As the name implies, this gathering is in the form of a barbeque, with lots of outdoor activity and general fun for everyone. This stems from another Spacesim tradition: the Year-End Party, which was a large party held at one of the Mission Commanders' houses at the end of the year.

The Year-End Barbeques for the years 2004-05 and 2005-06 were held at Mooney's Bay, and were each attended by about 20 Spacesim members. The official cook for these barbeques was Alex Foo. The YEB for 2006-07 was also held at Mooney's Bay, but had no official cook. The most recent BBQ onney's bay and was attended by almost all the currnt members and certain prominent alumni. It had no official cook and weas marked by urprisingly successful games of volleyball and soccer.

Alex, Crystal, and Brian at the 2006 BBQ.