Water System

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The Water System is the water circulation system provided in the Habitat for the astronauts to use during the missions. The system is managed by simulators throughout the mission to ensure a constant flow of water to and from the habitat at all times.

Flow and Storage

Clean water is stored in a storage tank in the Simulator Loft. Water is supplied into the tank via a funnel, filled by shuttling containers of water from the MC Sink to the loft. From there, a vacuum pump carries water through a copper pipe across the roof of the habitat, and down into a faucet in the sink of the Interlock. Once water passes through the sink (usually to wash objects or hands), it is drained through a pipe and out a PVC pipe faucet on the outer wall of the habitat, near the Longhouse Door. Grey Water is collected into 5-Gallon water jugs, which are emptied by simulators into the interlock sink nearly seamlessly.