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AeinSilverwolf (aka Ian) is a grade tenner at LCI. In Spacesim, he's a general personality. He recently changed his Wiki page because he's cool like that. He is generally interested in computers/technology and the arts.

Sim Jobs

  • He is the Quartermaster.
  • He is the Fixer of Whiteboards.
  • He is the deputy Wikimaster
  • He is part of the Wiki Task Force.
  • He likes to think of himself as the unofficial photographer.

Various Facts

  • He likes documentation and arranging-type cleaning.
  • He can cold start.
  • He is a MASTER BOLDER.
  • He provided Spacesim with an actual copy of Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego?
  • He ate WAAAAAY too many chocolate cars.
  • He is Lolopolovky.
  • He is thinking about making a moogle plushie for Keplernicus.