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I dreamt of OCESS electoral reform from the moment I was chosen as Education Commander in 2019. It's a desperately needed change for the club, and I realize that. I know that having this club choose its own leadership is pivotal to progress and quality hierarchy going forward. What I don't understand is why this choice included myself. I would be foolish to ignore my contributions to the club, but my performance, reception and general competency as a leader have failed to meet the standards of previous hierarchies, training, member intake, mission preparedness, and our treasured team of Alumni. I will not step down, despite my occasional desire to do so, as I believe that my title within the club shouldn't affect my ability to try my best and do what I can to uphold the integrity of my position until such a time as it can be taken by another. OCESS is in the midst of a difficult time and I do not believe that I am the Education Commander that it needs or deserves, but I am the one that it has. If this is read by any future members of OCESS, please know that I tried my best, and that I hope that whatever leaders come after me are as good as the club deserves. Sometimes democracy has its downsides, but who am I to question what my colleagues decide? --FaraFellow (talk) 16:54, 30 May 2020 (EDT)