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This page is likely to never be complete, and is a compilation of wit and (mostly) wisdom surrounding the art of editing a Wiki article. The tips I give here are by no means mandatory, unless Stefan upgrades me to a full God of editing, but they make life easier for everyone on the Wiki.

Talk Pages


Talk pages are a prime breeding ground for poor formatting, just as swamps breed disgusting insects. The two main things to make sure of when editing a talk page are to sign everything you write (by typing ~~~~ after your comment, or by clicking the button that looks like a signature, second from the right). Otherwise, you are likely to be ignored, since we don't know who we're talking to.


If you're part of a discussion about something, indent your posts. Do this by adding a certain number of colons before your post; the first person puts no colons, the second person puts one, the third person puts two, and so on ad infinitum. This allows everyone to see who said what.