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Spacesim is, by nature, an extremely expensive club to run. Everything including EEP supplies to materials to repairing the habitat costs money.

In the past, Spacesim had a number of sponsors including

  • BOC Gases
  • Nortel
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Spar Aerospace
  • Carleton University

In addition, the OCDSB also provided Spacesim with signifigant funding. However, many of these sponsors have ceased to provide financial support for Spacesim, BOC Gases being the last remaining corperate sponsor, and provider of Liquid nitrogen. Thus, Spacesim has been forced to cut back on spending and rely more on personal donations.

It is the job of the newly-created External Affairs Subcommander (EAC) position, previously PR Director, to find sponsors, and the members of Spacesim are hopeful that the EAC will be able to provide them with some new sponsors within the year. Recently Arrian Amir-Rafiei and Maclean Rouble started working on a Sponsorship Proposal which is as of August 2010 unfinished.

Current Sponsors

Currently, an unofficial sponsorship is held between Spacesim and Rogers TV Ottawa, who have donated many pieces of equipment to further the technical capabilities of the club. This has included things such as video routing equipment, cable, and computers.

New Sponsors

For those interested in sponsoring Spacesim, please email the current Commanders

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