Spacesim Dodgeball Team

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The Spacesim Dodgeball Team was a group of Spacesim members who formed a dodgeball team in 2008-09 when a dodgeball tournament was organized by Students' Council. The members were Ben Paul, Daisy Wong, Maclean Rouble, Lyra Evans, Dan Anderson, Adrienne Mills, Euan Wheaton, Morgan Mersereau, and Ian Martin.


Spacesim showed up for its first game pumped, but proceeded to lose (perhaps to the absence of Ben, who did not know all members had to attend every game). The next day, they forfeited, Maclean not knowing they were playing. Then, the following day, they almost won a game, as the opposing team did not have the requisite two grade nines and two girls. However, the opponents managed to locate their missing team members, and thus did not forfeit. Additionally, they completely owned Spacesim. Spacesim then forgot to come to any more of their scheduled battles.