Simulator Loft

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The Simulator Loft.
The Simulator Loft is where the Simulators keep their computers and tools, and where they congregate to cause disasters. It is the mezzanine area of the current 440 Albert Street facilities.


The Simulator Loft houses the following objects:

  • The patch panel and network hub that services the network at 440 Albert, along with a number of network cables
  • A large bookcase housing not only books about science but ancient Spacesim records
  • A pile of mats and one bunk formerly from the Hawking II for simulators to sleep on during the Mission, when they are allowed to.
  • A printer for FU and associated manuals and drivers
  • The computers FU, A.C. Clarke, Nebula, Temeraire, and Cassini, found on the List of Computers
  • A series of light switches that control the power to the individual rooms of the habitat. It is important to note that the computers, the fridge and the microwave run on a seperate circuit (an emergency backup generator in the Beta reality), and although the light switches can cut power to lights and outlets in the habitat they cannot affect these crucial systems. One switch each controls the lights and plugs in the Interlock, the Longhouse, and Command and Control, and a fourth switch controls the Hotlab, Engineering Closet, Airlock, and the outlets in the Bathroom. There is no way to turn off the lights in the washroom. A fifth switch turns all the other switches on.
  • A television that can switch between any feed from any camera inside the habitat
  • 4 chairs