Rate Control Procedures

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1.5.6 Rate Control

  1. Monitor Acceleration to Target (A to targ) value periodically. A to targ value must never exceed 200.0 m/s/s
  2. When A to targ reaches 190.0 m/s/s:
    1. Stop engine (Backspace key)
    2. Select Status: REFERENCE (toggle Tab key)
    3. Choose Reference object to the same as TARGET for orbital maneuvers (press appropriate key from Table 1.5.A)
    4. Select Status: CENTRE (toggle Tab key)
    5. Choose target as centre view point object (press appropriate key from Table 1.5.A)
  3. Press F4 for automatic depart from ref orientation.
  4. Check that orientation vector (red) is opposite from target vector (grey).
  5. Check reactor, engine, AG, and ID status lights.
  6. Power up engine to 200.0 m/s/s
  7. Hold maximum engine thrust until A to targ shows 190.0 m/s/s
  8. Adjust engine thrust ([ and ] keys) until A to targ stabilizes at 190.0 m/s/s
  9. Monitor A to targ value periodically to ensure that it is stable.
  10. Monitor velocity vector (green) and target vector (grey) periodically to ensure that they are superimposed. If the AYSE drive is coming out of alignment, do the following:
    1. Press F1 for manual orientation control
    2. Rotate the orientation vector slightly in the opposite direction from the deviation of the velocity vector: One key click is a one degree change. 5 degrees should be sufficient for most purposes. Home key for clockwise rotation; PgUp key for counter-clockwise rotation
    3. Adjust the thrust up (] key) to maintain the A to targ value at 190.
    4. When the velocity vector is satisfactory, press F4 for automatic depart from ref.
    5. Adjust the thrust ([ and ] keys) to stabilize A to targ at 190.
  11. As you get to within a few million kilometres of the target, increase thrust to reduce A to targ to give yourself a better margin of safety then reduce thrust to stabilize it again.