November 29 2013

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  • There was talk about what should be done for hibernation/medical on the main mission
  • More work happened on the engineering control panel
  • Jared Kelly got everyone who was present at the worksession on the wiki

Mini Mission

Worksession logs

Disclamer: If you are offended by the contents of these logs, we apologize profusely, they are not intended to offend anyone (mostly)

Please note that these ARE NOT OFFICIAL IN ANY MANNER!!!

Do not edit these as these are the taken notes and they are not allowed to be changed by ANYONE

Captain's log, stardate 29/11/13

Meeting notes

  • Applications
  • No boots.
  • Taskforces
    • Plumbing
    • Bunks
    • Space Suits
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Computers
    • Rover Repair
    • Lighting
  • Secret Santa
  • Science
    • Science commissioners
    • planetary protection officer
  • Wiki

(Activities and actions are not reported constantly, only if an actual change occurs. Between reports, assume people have continued doing whatever they were reported last doing. At the start of a log, there should be a lot of entries while initial activies are recorded, and then it should slow down as events are only reported when people change activities.)

17:16 29/11/13: Education Commander Alex Mersereau starting to write logs.

17:17 29/11/13: Wheatthins Kelly just wandered into MC wearing some sorta inflatable fairy hat and wand. The explanation behind this is outisde the scope of this log.

17:19 29/11/13: Lana, Miriam, and Ben are sitting on the planetary surface working on stripping CAT5 cables.

17:21 29/11/13: Wade Theriault is walking around wearing the weirdo inflatable hat thing

17:22 29/11/13: Nevermind, Jared's got it now.

17:22 29/11/13: Claire, Annabelle and Wheatthins are discussing medical topics for a medical taskforce or something?

17:23 29/11/13: Spencer, Ryan T-S and Phillip are in the sim loft.

17:24 29/11/13: When questioned about what they were doing, they all left the sim loft and came down to MC.

17:25 29/11/13: Matt Dunbar is helping Lana, Miriam and Ben crimp CAT5 cables.

17:26 29/11/13: Patrick Melanson is writing Meeting notes on a drywall board. I (Mersereau) will be calling a meeting soon, therefore somebody else will continue writing notes.

17:28 29/11/13: Spencer's training on piloting, Ryan T-S is watching him.

17:28 29/11/13: Wade and Phillip are goofing around.

17:29 29/11/13: Dunbar, Lana, Miriam and Ben pause while asking Dr. Magwood about crimping things.

17:30 29/11/13: Ryan T-S proposes a piloting race with Spencer. These guys are such cool people when it comes to training.

17:32 29/11/13: Maxim returns from where-ever he was, presumably outside, and then immediately asks if anybody wants to go on a quickie run. This guy is not a cool person when it comes to training.

17:35 29/11/13: Dunbar and Ben are doing other things, only Lana and Miriam still talking to Dr. Magwood.

17:36 29/11/13: Annabelle is going around placing the inflatable fairy hat on people (by the way I've figured out that the hat is supposed to be magic princess hair)

17:41 29/11/13: Wade, Phillip and Jared are doing some wiki editting because they're good people.

17:41 29/11/13: Meeting starting imminently.

17:42 29/11/13: Spencer's taking over logs until further notice.

17:42 29/11/1317:42 29/11/13 is this how i logs

17:43 29/11/13 i can confirm that the hat is supposed to be hair

17:43 29/11/13 dunbar is doing soldering

17:44 29/11/13 Meeting Start.

17:45 29/11/13 Patrick talks about apps, submit by sunday

17:45 29/11/13 We have lunch meeting every friday

17:46 29/11/13 If you want to be an astro, apply to be an astro (Use the astro app)

17:47 29/11/13 Merserau wants to talk about the whole applications thing

17:47 29/11/13 "plz apply"

17:47 29/11/13 Merserau confirms that mission control is totally boring

17:48 29/11/13 alumni (cant remember his name) arrives

17:48 29/11/13 now he is gone

17:48 29/11/13 You dont need to be good at what you apply for, learning is fun

17:49 29/11/13 Rule of thumb: just apply for everything

17:49 29/11/13 Patrick tells us that boots are bad

17:50 29/11/13 Gotta keep spacesim clean, gunk is bad

17:50 29/11/13 Custodians now locking doors on Albert side after 8:00 (NO QUICKIE RUNS)

17:51 29/11/13 Dr Magwood confirms that we should be nicer to custodians

17:51 29/11/13 Jared proposes idea about a mat (for boots, not to be confused with matt in the hat)

17:52 29/11/13 Dont wear socks in simmie loft

17:52 29/11/13 The building will be buried on sunday

17:53 29/11/13 If you have 9ft^2 of aluminium foil, we can put it in simmie loft

17:53 29/11/13 If you have a matt that you can put boots on, bring it in

17:53 29/11/13 Water is unpleasant

17:54 29/11/13 All or nothing. All water ends badly, lets go for nothing

17:54 29/11/13 UTSDC, everyone who wants to go appears to have a team

17:54 29/11/13 Thirskforces

17:54 29/11/13 Bunks needs to paint, thats about it. There may be 1 bunk that needs drywall. Avaliable colours are purple yellow and brown

17:55 29/11/13 Rover (Spencer is a tool who can't listen, its plumbing) can't do anything because kaeden isnt here and they are the only sensible one. They need to glue stuff, and I guess they are scared of glue

17:56 29/11/13 Merserau is making a classical allusion. This is getting pretty technical. "Taskforces are a hydra, if you cut off Kaeden's head, there are other ones, so it will be fine"

17:57 29/11/13 Patrick ends the tangent

17:57 29/11/13 Weatthins refuses to give a jujube

17:57 29/11/13 Computers all running, need to finish networking

17:58 29/11/13 Weatthins concedes, gives jujube

17:58 29/11/13 SSSSsssSSSSssSSSSssSSShhhHHhHhHhhhHh

17:58 29/11/13 I get assaulted by a jujube

17:59 29/11/13 Lighting, its really dark in the planetary surface

17:59 29/11/13 like REALLY dark, and there are only wimpy little flashlights

17:59 29/11/13 HOLY CRAP THATS DARK WOW I CANT SEE OH MY Go ok nevermind lights are on

18:00 29/11/13 Merserau has boxes that are reflective on the inside, he wants to make them "concaveular"

18:00 29/11/13 ^ thats gonna be a thirskforce

18:01 29/11/13 Medical taskforce

18:01 29/11/13 Claire needs to shut up, there is TOTALLY not an alien baby

18:01 29/11/13 Philip believes this is the time to discuss his app

18:01 29/11/13 Secret Santa!

18:02 29/11/13 lol nope, talking about the rover. He wants an onboard power supply

18:02 29/11/13 Alumnis arrive

18:02 29/11/13 Science taskforce: every person here is going to make an experiment

18:03 29/11/13 Dunbar: "Its a spacesim summative, you need to do this"

18:03 29/11/13 Merserau: "It wont appear on your report cards, its a spacesim thing. If you dont do it, they will bribe your teachers to give you an F"

18:04 29/11/13 Science commander, either MC or Hab person

18:04 29/11/13 Planetary Protection Officer (PPO) prevent things that are bad from getting to earth

18:04 29/11/13 Wiki, Dunbar doesnt have a wiki account.


18:06 29/11/13 Secret santa, if you want to participate on secret santa, put your name on this sheet then fold it into an airplane

18:06 29/11/13 If you put your name down twice, you get 2 presents

18:06 29/11/13 You also have to buy 2 presents

18:07 29/11/13 The hat will most likely be matts

18:08 29/11/13 Next week the names will be pulled

18:08 29/11/13 We will have a focus group regarding presents, so you dont get a sucky gift

18:09 29/11/13 Merserau describes his gift

18:09 29/11/13 it is "Swag," dunbar will thank his mother

18:10 29/11/13 Price limit $20

18:10 29/11/13 Dunbar reccomends stealing

18:10 29/11/13 Using your heart in gifts drastically reduces your BPM

18:10 29/11/13 I gave you the american economy! Enjoy your $13,000,000,000,000 (wrong, $17,000,000,000,000) in debt!

18:11 29/11/13 Bring in gift the something(th)

18:11 29/11/13 Ryan T-S says its the 13, i dont believe him

18:12 29/11/13 Custodians arent getting paid the 20th, they dont work while unpaid so we cant show up

18:12 29/11/13 Nobody is allergic to gelatin (Handful of jello reccomended as a gift)

18:13 29/11/13 Registration is here

18:13 29/11/13 Patrick is bad at planes

18:13 29/11/13 No comments, tangents, insults, concerns, whatever

18:13 29/11/13 Logsperson Spencer Whitehead, signing out (Back to merserau i assume)

18:19 29/11/13: Mersereau here. Fully amused by the above logs. Just before spencer started writing, he asked if these logs would be official or unofficial. I said there technically isn't a distinction between the two when logs are taken outside a mission. I should not have said that. "Official please"

18:20 29/11/13: Wade, Annabelle and Claire left to go to Lisgar's Spaghetti Dinner (yes that's spelled correctly). Wade's coming back, so it's good to note the time he left at, so he can't claim more hours than he's actually been here for. Annabelle and Claire aren't coming back though. I think.

18:22 29/11/13: Meeting's dispersed so I have to go record what everybody's gone back to doing. Ben's sitting next to me looking at the screen weirdly. Dunbar's showing Maxim's dad some piloting stuff. Miriam, Lana and Trajan appear to be talking to Dr. Magwood about the crimping stuff. Certified Best Person Stephen De Young is giving tours to some people that are probably part of that astrological society or something. And that's about it.

18:29 29/11/13: Miriam and Lana are looking for string or elastics. They're working on connecting some new computers to the network, so they need to have a cable that crosses Mission Control. Dunno HOW they'd use the elastic but whatever.

18:30 29/11/13: I wonder if Stephen De Young's friends are going to read this.

18:37 29/11/13: Charles (from Bell) is working on doing things with buttons and engineering.

18:38 29/11/13: Jared continues to work on wiki stuff with various people, making sure articles exist and all that.

18:38 29/11/13: Miriam and Lana still doing good work getting the last few computers networked. The network cable connecting the computers has been strung up across the top of MC, connecting to the simulator loft. It is only temporary because it's maybe a safety concern.

18:41 29/11/13: I'm going to continue goofing off. Logs is definitely going to become a primary occupation of mine. Is fun.

18:42 29/11/13: Spencer is doing "not much". Nevermind he's "editing the wiki". Hahahah good one. Matt MacDonald and Jared seem to be legitimately editing the wiki though. Ryan T-Smith is also up there.

18:42 29/11/13: Stephen De Young is demonstrating piloting (and piloting procedures) to his friends.

18:45 29/11/13: "Quickie time, come on grab your" -Patrick Melanson "Money" -Alex Mersereau "Friends" -Patrick Melanson, simultaneously.

18:47 29/11/13: Wheatthins, Charles from Bell, and Ben are working on creating a selection of buttons for Engineering.

18:49 29/11/13: Spencer wants a job. Dr. Magwood explains the job. I am not able to overhear.

18:50 29/11/13: Lighting taskforce? Lighting taskforce. By the way, Spencer's job is testing the tentative network connections we're trying to set up.

18:53 29/11/13: Patrick, Matt and I (mersereau) are working on the lighting taskforce, which is basically where we take some boxes with reflective material on it and making them more useful.

19:06 29/11/13: Lighting taskforce is doing okay. Patrick disagreed with the usefulness of the idea so he's not on it anymore. Matt's just not really helping, but he walked away without really explaining so I dunno. I'm working on it alone so yeah. First box out of five has been unfolded.

19:07 29/11/13: Spencer seems to have connected the computer he was working on connecting. Cool.

19:08 29/11/13: Jared, Trajan, Stephen and his friends are talking about stuff.

19:17 29/11/13: Stephen and friends have left

19:17 29/11/13: All five reflective boxes have been unfolded, last four by means of knife.

19:18 29/11/13: Jared is back to wiki stuff. Spencer and Ryan are also in the simulator loft. They say they are doing wiki stuff.

19:18 29/11/13: Minimission has potential to be a thing that happens, but maybe not yet.

19:20 29/11/13: Matt Dunbar is training Matt M on piloting, meanwhile Ben is reading this log and looking weird while doing it.

19:23 29/11/13: Ben is getting in the way and is still weird.

19:24 29/11/13: He wouldn't stop insisting to write some logs so I eventually caved in and let him. Ben's on logs now, Mersereau out.

19:25 29/11/13: Jared informs me that "everybody here now has a wiki page." This is a glorious moment.

19:28 29/11/13 spencer confirms that jareds information is correct

19:29 29/11/13 Ryan T-Smith took over logs

19:32 29/11/13 Majority of SpaceSim leaves for Quickie Run

19:32 29/11/13 Wheatthins and Charles have hooked up a switch to Engineering. It changes the radiation sheilds, because there isn't anything else in Eng worthy of a switch.

19:35 29/11/13 Spencer alone returns from Quickie run. Where do you think he hid the bodies?

19:38 29/11/13 Seriously starting to wonder their fate

19:39 29/11/13 Don't worry, they made it back alive, no, actually it's only half of them

19:41 29/11/13 Lana has now made multiple attempts to leave, but keeps coming back. She says she might have been forgotten. Long walk home...

19:42 29/11/13 Spencer says it's not as long as mine or his, he is right.

19:43 29/11/13 It has now been 8 minutes since Spencer returned, should we start interrogating him?

19:43 29/11/13 Matt in the Hat and Mersereau return from Quickie, they are alive.

19:44 29/11/13 Is anyone left? I haven't been counting everyone.

19:44 29/11/13 Jared is heard yelling "Sharing is Caring". I don't care to know what they are talking about.

19:45 29/11/13 Mersereau has not come back to take over logs.

19:47 29/11/13 Everyone has degraded to social chatting.

19:48 29/11/13 Handing logs off to Spencer, beware lack of capitalization. (Maybe he'll prove me wrong, if we are lucky.)

19:49 29/11/13 This Is Spencer, I Have Taken Control Of Logs

19:49 29/11/13 cAPTAIN cAPITAL! mY aRCH nEMISIS!

19:50 29/11/13 matts name is actaully tarvos

19:51 29/11/13 Ryan T-Smith thinks he is good at scrabble

19:53 29/11/13 Weatthins and whatshisface are recreating the control panel. Ben is eating a pizza pocket

19:57 29/11/13 Ryan is desperately trying to make up a word so he is still good at scrabble

19:59 29/11/13 I am going to get a drink of water. 9/10 chance ryan steals my seat

20:00 29/11/13: It seems it was in fact Matt in potato the Hat.

20:02 29/11/13 Work still appears to be happening in C&C

20:02 29/11/13 Merserau now walked in

20:02 29/11/13 He is eating matts popcorn, he just sat down

20:05 29/11/13 Merserau is calling upon a mini-meeting

20:06 29/11/13 Dunbar has sat down next to us

20:07 29/11/13 Merserau just clapped

20:08 29/11/13 There will be a mini mission, its mini so we can totally fit it in

20:08 29/11/13 We need a pilot engineer eecom flight controller telemetry maybesims

20:08 29/11/13 Jared has declared his intrest in simm(y)ing

20:10 29/11/13 Ryan says i should be mc eecom

20:11 29/11/13 Weatthins has moved back into the hab

20:14 29/11/13 Mini meeting miniajourned

20:16 29/11/13 Ryan can read. WOW!

20:16 29/11/13 Ryan doubts MC's ability to do stuff in a minimission

20:16 29/11/13 He believes that Jared will blow us up

20:17 29/11/13 Ryan found the hab

20:18 29/11/13 Ryan doesnt know where the hab is going

20:18 29/11/13 Jared plans to kill us in as many ways as he is allowed to. Ouch

20:18 29/11/13 Ryan knows how to zoom in and out. WOW!

20:20 29/11/13 Dunbar is running around hitting poeple with an umbrella, meanwhile ryan is spinning in deep space. OT; if we made oprah pope, she would be known as poperah

20:26 29/11/13 "Pain is weakness leaving the body-OW!"

20:27 29/11/13: painis

20:26 29/11/13 Leaving logs for like a minute again. I bet ryan steals it.

20:27 29/11/13: Nope.

20:28 29/11/13 Matt, stahp

20:29 29/11/13 Matt is playin pokémàhn

20:33 29/11/13: Alex here. Patrick is working on the rover. Has been for about an hour I think.

8:37 PM 11/29/2013: Minimission ready to start. Matt Dunbar will be on logs, as well as flight director for both MC and the astros.

8:39 PM 11/29/2013: Mission control positions: FD Matt Dunbar, Flight Ryan T. Smith, ENG Matt MacDonald. Astronauts: Engineering Alex Mersereau, Piloting Spencer, EECOM Ben W.

9:08 PM 11/29/2013: Mersereau here. If we had been taking logs during the mission, it would have been really really funny. We had some good conversation about being really efficient after accidentally not following the schedule. It was really funny, so let me record this before I forget. Dr.Magwood: "Our front has caught up with our behind." also

Matt Dunbar, after all of the biocontaminants in the bathroom had been removed by venting: "All of the biocontaminants are gone. We've won!"

Alex Mersereau, in response to the above: "Game over! We did it! We beat the biohazard."

Later, Ben W.: "The bathroom has a leak in it!"

Alex Merserau in response: "And it's not even mine."

Dr. Magwood: "I need to step outside and take a breather."