November 22 2013

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Mini Mission

  • There was a mini mission for the moon takeoff procedure started and will be finished at a later date
    • Astros (who were sitting at the three new computers in MC)
      • Matt M. as hab commander and eecom monitor even though eecom isn't working
      • Wade was the pilot
      • Noah was the engineering
    • Mission Control
      • Larissa was monitoring orbit and helping Wade )majorly)
      • Kaeden started out as MC commander but was replaced by Jared after they had to leave
      • Nova was monitoring engineering
      • Spencer was monitoring eecom even though it isn't working

Hab drainage pipe

  • There was a successful test conducted
  • The edges for the holes are being smoothed out and it should be glued in place on November 29 2013


  • Jared and Maxim tested the motors and found out that they work
  • Arrian talked with Maxim about weather or not the motors were DC or AC


  • There are now 6 or 7 working keys on the panel above the engineering computer


  • All of the fans are installed but not connected