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0.4 Network and Software Procedures

0.4.1 Preparing the Network

  • Create a list of which computer will run which software during the Mission
    • e.g. Grissom = MC EECOM
  • On Fu in the Simulator Loft, find My Network Places
  • Verify that all computers to be used have a mapped network drive in this location
  • Click each drive to activate it
  • On Fu's desktop, start SERVER and proceed with Network and Software Procedures#0.4.2 SERVER

0.4.2 SERVER

  • You will be prompted to give the letter corresponding to several mapped network drives
  • Press Enter to keep the previous setting


If, after several seconds, any item in the list is Red

  1. Identify which piece of software is at issue
  2. Verify that the network drive that SERVER is using for that software is mapped to the correct computer
  3. Verify that the mapped network drive is activated by clicking it in My Network Places