NATO Phonetic Alphabet

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The "NATO Phonetic Alphabet", ICAO spelling alphabet or international radiotelephony spelling alphabet is the most commonly used speaking alphabet for the English language and also the one utilized by Spacesim while communicating letters via CAPCOM. In this alphabet easily recognizable words are used to represent letters. For example if someone wanted to spell NATO over CAPCOM they would say "November, Alpha, Tango, Oscar."

The Alphabet and its Derivations

- Alpha = A (first letter of the Greek alphabet) - Bravo = B (an Italian word of congratulations, often used after theatrical performances) - Charlie = C (common male given name) - Delta = D (fourth letter of the Greek alphabet) - Echo = E (repetition of sound caused by reflection of sound waves off of relatively flat surfaces, also the would-be lover of Narcissus in Greek myths) - Foxtrot = F (a fast-paced ballroom dance) - Golf = G (a game involving hitting a small ball into a slightly less small hole, also a Spacesim euphemism for intercourse) - Hotel = H (a place were one can pay to sleep) - India = I (a country in Asia with a population approaching 1 billion) - Juliet = J (a female given name and the heroine of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet) - Kilo = K (short for kilogram, a common metric unit of mass) - Lima = L (capital city of Peru) - Mike = M (short either for Michael, a common male given name, or microphone, a device used to amplify one's voice) - November =N (eleventh month of the year) - Oscar = O (a male given name and the name of an award for film) - Papa = P (an informal term for father, derived from the Latin word for father "pater') - Quebec = q (as of 2010, a province of Canada) - Romeo = R (a male given name and the hero of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet) - Sierra = S (a Spanish word for mountain appearing in the names of many mountain ranges situated in spanish speaking countries) - Tango = T (a popular ballroom dance and the first person singular form of the Latin verb tangere, to touch) - Uniform = U (an adjective meaning "all the same" or an article of clothing of such description) - Victor = V (a male given name or a person who has won) - Whiskey = W (an alcoholic beverage) - X-ray = X (a well-known form of electro-magnetic radiation often used for medical diagnosis) - Yankee = Y (an informal term to refer to someone or something pertaining to the United States of America) - Zulu = Z (an African tribe)