Mutiny and Hijacking (emergency procedures)

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General Procedures

Situation: A person, or a group of people, take control of the Habitat. This may be Mutinying Astronauts, Terrorists or Hijackers. Mission Control is to immediately get in contact with the hijackers/mutineers. They must negotiate with these people. Supply their demands: you must get the Mission Commander and the Habitat back to Earth in one piece.


Try to convince them to stand down. You may have to threaten the mutineers. If the Mission Commander is dead or segregated, offer to lower oxygen levels in the mutineers' module. Attempt to gain complete remote control of the Habitat. Seal off the interlock. Offer to inject radiation into the Habitat. Once returned to Earth, the mutineers are to be taken into custody regardless of what occurs. If absolutely necessary, detonate the Habitat (P4.4.4)


If another party boards the Habitat, and you cannot negotiate with them, Mission Control is to aid the Astronauts remotely to retake the Habitat by force, if viable. Seal off the Command and Control Room. Gain complete remote control of the Hab. Attempt to vent or depressurize modules containing hijackers, if it doesn't affect the astronauts. If in space, deactivate the 3DMI to remove artificial gravity. If the astronauts are dead, follow P4.4.4.

Habitat Self-Destruction

If there is no way to return the Habitat and/or the Mission Commander and loyal astronauts are dead, activate the self-destruct circuit. Only the Flight Director on Earth will know the activation code. He is to send it on a coded signal to the AYSE Drive, which will seek out the Habitat if separated, autodock, and detonate.