Mmm... Well That's Disappointing

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This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.

Mmm... Well That's Disappointing is a meme that saw incredible use on Mission Dragan. It was invented by Ian Martin and Samuel Baltz at a school play rehearsal the Saturday before the mission. It must be said in a specific voice.


To be explained when someone can remember.

The Voice

The voice which must be used to say the sentence was pioneered by Ian Martin. It soon turned into a meme of its own; people would use the voice to say something insulting to the intelligence of someone else (often by implying that they studied the humanities, and then implying the stupidity of studying that), and/or as a way to exaggerate someone's very minor mistake, such as a typo or dropping an object. Most of these statements inexplicably end with "thanks," "thank you," or (more inexplicably) "over"; it is often jokingly remarked upon afterwards how oddly polite "he" (the voice) is. It bears a striking resemblance to that of the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.