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A Mission Alpha is a dry run for the year's Main Mission.


Missions Alpha were typically run about 1 month before the actual mission, lasting about 4–6 hours in duration. The purpose was to test out all equipment, and discover any problems or areas lacking proper planning. It also was an excellent opportunity to test the level of training for both Astronauts and Mission Control staff. This practice was first started by Mission Commanders Daniel Kekez and Jamie Rosen for the Jupiter 1998 mission.

In the 2001-02 year, a Mission Beta was run. The Mission Alpha occured while the Habitat was still under construction, and as such a second dry run was needed closer to the mission date.


Mini-missions were historically an EEP activity for older classes. In recent years, Space Sim has taken to calling the dry-runs Training Missions instead of Mission Alpha.

List of Missions Alpha

Year Mission Name Destination
1997-98 Mission Alpha Unknown
2001-02 Mission Alpha Unknown
2001-02 Mission Beta Unknown
2005-06 Daedalus Venus
2006-07 Mission Alpha Pluto