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1.7 MC-LOGS Procedures

1.7.1 Job Description

LOGS must record, with timestamp, all interesting occurances during the mission, especially those pertaining to Mission Control and plans to control the mission.

Because there is often a chatlog from AUXCOM, LOGS is not required to contain all the details of the current situation, and should be considered a minute by minute summary.

1.7.2 Log Worthy Events

This list is not exhaustive:

  • Launch
  • Engine Burn
  • Docking
  • Depressurization
  • Permissions given by Mission Control
  • Requests from the Habitat
  • Shift change outside of normal procedure

1.7.3 Unworthy Events

This list is not exhaustive:

1.7.4 Shift Monitoring

It is the responsibility of MC LOGS to remind the Flight Director at 20 minute intervals to verify that each station in Mission Control is manned by an appropriate staff member, and that all stations report green.

It is the responsibility of MC LOGS to remind the Flight Director at 30 minute intervals to verify that all stations in the Habitat are manned by an appropriate Astronaut. In addition, during this check, each piece of software should be tested to ensure that Mission Control is receiving the correct telemetry from the Habitat. Testing the software consists of verifying that all software reads the same time as all the software in the habitat with accounting for the 5s lag in updates.

=1.7.5 Logging Best Practices

At the start of a new day on Earth, the log should read

End   of DAY X
Start of DAY Y

Timestamps should be in HHMM corresponding to a 24-hour clock. This means that 8:32 pm would be logged as 2032.

Following the timestamp should be a space, dash, and space.

The Logger should identify himself upon taking over logs and upon ceding logs to the next logger.

Record the launch and landing times as exactly as possible, to the second.

Start the log entry with the person who is performing the action and not the person who is receiving. I.e. if the Habitat asks for permission, the log entry starts with "Habitat asks," and if MC grants it, that entry starts with "MC grants" and not "Habitat is granted"

Example Log

Start of DAY 1
1230 - Ms. Alice on MC LOGS
1232 - Habitat requests permission to Launch
1233 - MC grants permission to Launch
1235 - SRBs engaged
1236 - Hab at 300km from Earth
1237 - SRBs disengaged
1237 - Hab Engines at 100% in ccwPrograde
1238 - Astronauts report loud impacts on C&C roof
1239 - Hab Engines at 0%
1240 - ENG reports RAD shields malfunctioning
1241 - EECOM reports decompression in C&C
1243 - EECOM reports internal radiation at 4.23E-09 S/s and climbing
1244 - Astronauts evacuated to Interlock
1246 - CAPCOM reports loss of communication
1313 - Ms. Alice cedes MC LOGS
1314 - Mr. Bob on MC LOGS

1.7.6 Unofficial Logs

It is also the job of LOGS to record unofficial occurrences in the unofficial logs. This includes such things as unprofessional behaviour that is particularly amusing, events relating to time acceleration, or anything noteworthy that in some way impinges on Mission Integrity.