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The early history surrounding the funding of what was to become OCESS is murky and unclear, due to the fact that it was long ago and many of the people involved is no longer in contact with Spacesim. From what is know, in the latter half of the 1987-1988 school year, Mr. Terry Pritchett gathered a group of students interested in space, space simulations and topics related to it, such as computers, internet communication, robotics and such. It is believed that during this year, the details of the funding of the ISSS was organized and finalized. Eventhough there is known references of the existence of the proto-OCESS as well as the ISSS, no mission was believed to be held this year.

The year 1988 thus is the most commonly cited date for the founding of the club, and annarvarsaries of the club is held accordingly. The tenth annavarsy being in 1998 and the twentith in 2008.