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Ian participated on Team 1 of [[Spacesim]]'s 2010 [[UTSDC]] teams, which competed in the Senior Category.
Ian participated on Team 1 of [[Spacesim]]'s 2010 [[UTSDC]] teams, which competed in the Senior Category. He also participated on [[Spacesim]]'s 2011 [[UTSDC]] team, which again competed in the Senior Category.
He is currently on the senior team for 2011.
==See Also==
==See Also==

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Ian Martin
Year of Graduation 2011
Institution Carleton University
Current Occupation Student
Former Positions Mission Commander, Quartermaster, Wikimaster
Training Summary

Ian Martin joined Spacesim in 2007, expecting a reasonably entertaining club. Fortunately and unfortunately, it turned out to be so much more than that. As far as he knows, his callsign is "Pika", named so for his infamous pikapuns. This has been subject to debate.

Participation in Club

He was quartermaster for a period of time in 2007-08. During his reign he organized the shelves and told people where everything was. Other things he did during his first year were become sort of familiar with software (mostly the simmie software), do logs on the Main Mission, and otherwise generally goldbrick about.

He was an astronaut on the 2008-09 mission to Iapetus. His role was Able Crewman. Over the first few mission-less days, he stayed and help set up the network, buy food, repair things, and otherwise prepare. On the mission he operated various stations, including eecom, logs, capcom, and engineering. He went on an EVA or two and repaired the lights really late at night. He rather enjoyed himself. The rest of the year is mostly forgotten by him because he has a poor memory. He thinks he learned how to pilot but has evidentially forgotten how to by now.

In 2009-10 he did a number of things as well. He was the head of the Curtains task force, helped make the Engineering Closet Hatch, worked very briefly on the Rave Cave, dabbled slightly in the network, helped on too many occasions to organize Kelpernicus, became more acquainted with software, and a few other things that escape him at the moment. On the mission he was a member of Mission Control, and served a number of shifts as a replacement Flight Director.

He was the Mission Commander, and thus one of the co-heads of Spacesim with Samuel Baltz, in [2010-11]]. This meant he was also Habitat Commander on Dragan 2011. He was responsible for leading and decision-making aboard the habitat during the mission. He worked with Olivia Frank, the Habitat Subcommander, to organize the astronauts and the habitat for the mission (shifts, food, and other administrative tasks). Along with Samuel Baltz, he decided the mission location of Gleise 581. Throughout the year he made minor contributions to various taskforces, and leading up to the mission, helped with mission-specific tasks such as camera wiring.


Ian participated on Team 1 of Spacesim's 2010 UTSDC teams, which competed in the Senior Category. He also participated on Spacesim's 2011 UTSDC team, which again competed in the Senior Category.

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