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{{member |picture=
{{member |picture= [[Image:Ian_GR.jpeg|300px]]
|Name = Ian Goldsmith-Rooney
|Name = Ian Goldsmith-Rooney
|grade = [[List of Spacesim Members#2011|11]]
|grade = [[List of Spacesim Members#2011|Alumnus]]
|school = Bethlehem Central High School
|school = Bethlehem Central High School
|curpos = N/A
|curpos = N/A

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Ian GR.jpeg

Ian Goldsmith-Rooney
Current Grade Alumnus
School Bethlehem Central High School
Current Position N/A
Former Positions N/A
Callsign N/A
Pronouns N/A

Ian Goldsmith-Rooney was a member of OCESS during his grade Nine year at Lisgar Collegiate Institute. He moved to the United States the following year. He served as a simulator on the mission Red Dawn.