Evacuation (emergency procedures)

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General Procedure

All Astronauts are to immediately move to a non-endangered module, preferably the Interlock, or a module as close to the Interlock as possible, sealing all doors and hatches behind them to minimize the number of endangered modules. Under no circumstances should Astronauts be split into groups except (a) to conduct IVAs/EVAs or (b) when rendered impossible when Astronauts are separated by depressurized or otherwise endangered modules.

Evacuation Procedure

Terminate all activities immediately.

Evacuation and Isolation Procedure

Terminate all activities immediately. All Astronauts must remain in their current modules and under no circumstances are they to move. Astronauts should sit on the floor and avoid any contact with the rest of the hull. The Habitat Commander will enter the Interlock only when cleared to do so by Mission Control.