Fire Control (alpha procedures)

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6.1.1 Habitat Fire Control (General)

Inform Mission Control by any method possible. If the fire is localized in one small area, initiate a Beta Evacuation and seal off that area (P4.1.1) Use fire extinguishers on small fires (P6.1.2.1). If the fire appears life-threatening (P6.1.2.2), the Mission Commander will declare an Alpha-class Emergency. This is to be relayed to Mission Control as soon as possible. Immediately follow a total evacuation of the Habitat (P6.2). If the Mission Commander believes there is time she will perform P6.2.4 but all other astronauts are to perform P6.2.1.

6.1.2 Fire

Real Fire Emergencies, outside the parameters of the simulation exercise fall into two classes: small fires and large fires. The decision to treat any fire as small or large must be made immediately. Either the astronaut mission-commander, flight director, mission control commander, or teacher advisor (or designate) can impose a large fire designation on an emergency situation. Once declared a large fire, an emergency can not be re-classified. Small Fires

Small Fires can be extinguished using the fire extinguishers in the habitat. The decision to do this must be made immediately; if there is any uncertainty, the emergency is to be classed a large fire. Any fire at an emergency exit or near the power control box will be treated as a large fire. If more than one extinguisher fails to operate or if the extinguishers fail to extinguish the fire, the emergency will be re-classified as a large fire. A small fire drill must be held during the outward leg of the mission to familiarize all astronauts with the proper use of the fire extinguishers. When fighting a fire: aim the fire extinguisher near the base of the fire, trigger the extinguisher, move the exhaust of the extinguisher back and forth across the base of the fire until it is out. Large Fires

Once a Large Fire is declared,

  1. a general evacuation will be initiated (P6.2)
  2. the building’s fire alarm will be activated.