February 21 2014

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  • Jared Kelly realized that the events had not been done for several months and started creating these pages again
  • The simulators did secret simulator things including planning disasters and building the planet
  • The engineering control panel had more work done on it, there is still no ETA on its being finished
  • A lot of alumnus came, including Ben Paul, Alex Foo, Richard Hum, Lawrence Maroun, Chris Hawthorne, Olivia Frank, Nicole Chassin and Stefan De Young.
  • People trained
  • Lots of science experiments were discussed (for the mission)
  • The spacesuits team created a way for the EVA suits to have icepacks to help the astros survive the EVA suits for extended amounts of time
  • A mission checklist was written
  • Dr. Magwood's birthday with a proffesional (not from the quickie) cake and a song
  • The ice in the fridge was melted with a heat gun
  • Stefan De Young interviewed people to get information for the article he is writing for the Planetary Society
  • We prepared for an inspection by health and safety on the weekend that may or may not happen