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FIDO is the FlIght Dynamics Officer in Mission Control, and is in charge of monitoring the flight status and trajectory of the Habitat.


FIDO is in charge of all flight-related activities excepting landing and take-off, which are the domain of GNC.


  • A computer in mission control is allocated to FIDO.
  • Orbit Telemetry Software


FIDO should have certification in MC PILOT.

Flight Monitoring

It is FIDO's duty to analyse the Habitat's flight characteristics and report any abnormalities to FLIGHT.

Trajectory Check

During Interplanetary Transit, FIDO should conduct a Trajectory Check every 5 minutes.

  1. Disable Telemetry x
  2. Increase time acceleration to 0.500 *
  3. Observe the projected path of the Habitat
  4. Note any collisions
  5. Note whether the Habitat is on course to their destination

If any collisions or deviation from the path to the destination is observed, FIDO should calculate a burn that would reorient the Habitat.

Burn Calculation

During Interplanetary Transit, FIDO should produce verification of all projected course-correction burns.

  1. Make note of Target Object and Reference Object
  2. Make note of the Start Time on the Orbit software
  3. Disable Telemetry
  4. Enable appropriate NavMode
  5. If NavMode Manual, make note of the direction of thrust (e.g. Thrusting towards 12 o'clock)
  6. Activate Engines to desired percent thrust
  7. Increase time acceleration to 0.350
  8. Observe change in projected flight path O
  9. When target flight path achieved deactivate engines
  10. Note Theta-V-Targ
  11. Note End Time on Orbit software
  12. Prepare burn calculation report

Burn Calculation Report

A burn calculation report is delivered to FLIGHT prior to all burns. It contains:

  • Mission Name
  • Burn Number
  • NavMode (and direction of thrust if Manual)
  •  % Thrust
  • Burn time (End Time - Start Time)
  • Final Theta-V-Targ