Euan's Proposal for Formalization of Habitat Tours

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Habitat Tours (henceforth referred to a Hab Tours) are, perhaps, once of the first and most influential experiences in a career at OCESS, however I believe that they can be an important tool for attracting new members. It is important, however, that we recognize the difference between tours for students and those for adults (ie. the media, board officials etc.). Therefore, I propose that Hab tours be formalized, organized and classified with the needs of different audiences in mind.

General Guidelines for all tours

Though tours must be modified for individual audiences, I propose that the general itinerary for most tours would be somewhat like this:

(0. The Office) * if tour is starting from Lisgar MC and Keplernicus Mezzanine Habitat longhouse interlock Command and control Hot lab (Bathroom) *the tourees need not necessarily go in airlock (Planetary surface) *depending on its presentability

These tours should include the functions of all these areas as well as: the role of Simulators, Astronauts and MC Alpha, Beta and Gamma the roles of different OCESS executives future mission plans

Classification of Tours

As mentioned above there are two major categories of tourees: students and adults. Both categories have specific needs to which a tour must be tailored.

Students: (10 - 20 min. approx.) Tours for students vary from case to case but these, in general, can afford to be slightly less formal than tours for adults.

Prospective/New members These tours will act not only as an introduction to OCESS but also, in the case of prospective members, as a way of convincing them to join the club. As such tour guides should focus on making the club seem as attractive and friendly as possible. These tours should not be overly formal, as this might intimidate newcomers, but also not unprofessional, as this would give newcomers the wrong idea about OCESS. For example, a tour guide might mention the names of the bunk beds or the story of how Peter melted his boots but not the creative alternate name for our water pump. Tour guides should also take this as a chance to introduce new members to others as they go along the tour. For example, “This is Ian our Mission Commander.” or “This is Samuel our Education Commander.”

Visiting Alumni

This is a special case as alumni will already know about OCESS. When touring alumni one should skip the conventional OCESS information and focus on new projects. For example a tour guide might mentions new features of he Hab such as the sliding chairs or LAURA.

Adults: (15 - 30 min. approx.) Tours for adults should always be conducted in a more formal and detached manner than those for students. This is not to say that they should be boring or be conducted without enthusiasm, but tour guides should keep their audience in mind as always. Adults must be treated with extra reverence since, often, they are persons who are in a position to, shall we say, modify OCESS’s money and/or privileges (ie. school board officials, local politicians and other such visiting dignitaries). With this in mind, tour guides should try and highlight OCESS’s educational benefits (ie. learning chemistry in hot lab, learning physics in flight, EEPS etc). Humour is encouraged since it adds to the tourees enjoyment and puts them in a good mood but, for adult audiences, the humour should not be excessive, puerile or lewd. Try and keep it observational, for example when showing tourees the EVA suits complain about how uncomfortable they are. Also, when touring adults (though ideally this should be done for most tours) try and make sure the Hab is presentable. It makes a good impression.

Tours for 2010-11

In regards to tours this year (especially my newly proposed tours for prospective members) I propose that brief training sessions be held for those interested in conducting tours. I also propose that sign-up sheets for prospective member tours (henceforth PMT’s) be placed on the front of both the main and OCESS offices. in addition Hab tours should be advertised at club’s day. Tours should meet in front of the OCESS office at 3 PM. People who haven’t signed up should, of course, be perfectly welcome to come along but tours should not wait for random people if they aren’t signed up. How long signed up people are waited for should be at the discretion of the tour guides, but waiting past 3:20 is getting excessive. Also, there should be two tour guides for the walk to 440 so that one can go on the bus, with those who can, and one can walk. Do not leave first timers to find their own way to 440.