Drake-Sagan 2011

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Drake-Sagan 2011
Year 2010-11
Mission Destination Gleise 581 g
Mission Dates Feb. 28 - Mar. 5, 2011
Habitat Commander Ian Martin
Subcommander Olivia Frank
Mission Control Commander Euan Wheaton
Simulator Commander Jane MacLeod

The 2011 Mission to Gliese 581f, Mission Drake-Sagan or Mission Dragan, was the first mission to exit the solar system, and the third mission in the Hawking III.

Mission Purpose

The Astronauts were to venture to Europa to follow up on Vice-Admiral Rouble's discovery of a strange unexplained signal and to gather as much data from the signal and to find out it's meaning, and if possible, to explain it's presence.


It should be noted for continuity purposes that:

  • The AYSE drive was almost completely destroyed on collision with Jupiter and is currently in orbit around Callisto awaiting repair
  • Laura was lost after going through the anomaly and was never recovered.
  • The Habitat did not successfully land and is now currently moving away from earth. Limited fuel supplies remain. The astronauts are awaiting a rescue team.



  • The mission started one day late (an improvement over last year).
  • A news article published in the Ottawa Citizen regarding the mission.
  • Canadian Astronaut Robert Thirsk came to witness the mission briefly.

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