December 13 2013

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  • Secret Santa happened

Due to an inaccurate upkeep of these events pages, no one created one until a few months later.

Worksession logs

Disclamer: If you are offended by the contents of these logs, we apologize profusely, they are not intended to offend anyone (mostly)

Please note that these ARE NOT OFFICIAL IN ANY MANNER!!! Do not edit these as these are the taken notes and they are not allowed to be changed by ANYONE

13/12/13 Logs

16:28 13/12/13 Ryan and Maxim have gone on a Quickie run

16:28 13/12/13 Matt in the hats hot pocket smells delicious

16:29 13/12/13 DM is recruiting volunteers for a trip to the car

16:29 13/12/13 Meeting start

16:29 13/12/13 Meeting is not starting

16:29 13/12/13 Wheatthins has a very large saw

16:29 13/12/13 Alumni has arrived (I think his name is Stefan)

16:30 13/12/13 Charles and Trajan have left (Reason unknown, wilco)

16:32 13/12/13 Another alumni has entered

16:33 13/12/13 President of CSA to arrive at 5, main group at 5:30

16:34 13/12/13 Patrick debating whether or not logs are work

16:36 13/12/13 Maxim and Ryan return

16:38 13/12/13 Matt in the hat and Larissa cleaning C&C

16:40 13/12/13 Tour plans: Surface->Airlock->Interlock->Hotlab->C&C->Bathroom->Longhouse->Simloft

16:41 13/12/13 Taskforces to be looked at: Control Panels

16:41 13/12/13 Demonstration: Trained individuals, no simulators (Subject to change)

16:42 13/12/13 Dunbar has gotten a christmas tree. Beautiful

16:42 13/12/13 3 Alumni have gone to the DM's car

16:44 13/12/13 Stefan read the logs

16:44 13/12/13 ^ Oh god why

16:45 13/12/13 Those people have come in

16:45 13/12/13 Charles has returned, being briefed on his duty in the tour

16:46 13/12/13 Batteries not to go in garbage

16:46 13/12/13 #Fetus has been removed

16:46 13/12/13 New spacesim game: Hide and go Thirsk

16:47 13/12/13 Trajan, DM, and some alumni have returned with the toolboxes

16:49 13/12/13 We learn how DC motors work

16:50 13/12/13 C&C is now oddly clean... I can see the floor?

16:51 13/12/13 Keplernicus is still messy. In other news, water is wet

16:53 13/12/13 The corner has NOT been kept clear

16:54 13/12/13 Jared is singing

16:55 13/12/13 5 minutes to arrival

16:59 13/12/13 1 minute

17:02 13/12/13 The longhouse needs dust filters. I don't think we want to know

17:03 13/12/13 Matt sees

17:04 13/12/13 Leaving logs temporarily

17:05 13/12/13 I have returned. The longhouse is a wall of rock.

17:06 13/12/13 Stefan has entered <- Spelled it right

17:07 13/12/13 We need to go on a mission to the sun to collect data on the surface comp

17:11 13/12/13 Another Alumni has arrived

17:13 13/12/13 Large Quickie run in progress, comprising of but not limited to Larissa Matt (add more)

17:15 13/12/13 Space society president Ryan Anderson has arrived

17:17 13/12/13 Tour has commenced

17:18 13/12/13 Tour of Temporary hab+MC

17:23 13/12/13 Quickie group has returned

17:24 13/12/13 MC EECOM randomly flashing red

17:29 13/12/13 EECOM problem fixed by going to spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace

17:30 13/12/13 Land file located under name "lnd77"

17:34 13/12/13 The SARP plant cannot hold a fire extinguisher

17:34 13/12/13 Wheat Thins wearing a flightsuit far too large for him

17:37 13/12/13 ^Confirmed

17:37 13/12/13 Official tour has commenced

17:37 13/12/13 Tour of habitat computers

17:38 13/12/13 Tour of MC

17:42 13/12/13 I am turning on the Interlock camera

17:45 13/12/13 Attempted turnon completed, wilco on status

17:47 13/12/13 ^Confirmed

17:48 13/12/13 Prepare for a lot of random culture references


17:50 13/12/13 One log to rule them all, one log to find them. One log to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them

A long time ago, in a worksession far, far away


It is a period of space. ASTRONAUT spaceships, striking from a secret base have won their first victory against the evil SIMULATORS.

During the battle, Astronaut spies managed to download secret plans to the simulators ultimate weapon, the SIM EECOM, a QBASIC program with the power to fill the bathroom with biocontaminants.

Pursued by the simulators sinister agents, Alex Merserau races home aboard his starship, commander of the stolen plans that can save the astros and restore usable bathrooms to the hab...

18:02 13/12/13 That was beautiful

18:02 13/12/13 Back to real logs now

18:02 13/12/13 Tour group has reached LAURA software

18:04 13/12/13 Tour has reached the sim loft (Currently Sim EECOM)

18:05 13/12/13 Kaeden is about to land. Wilco

18:06 13/12/13 Kaeden is 1km from touchdown

18:06 13/12/13 Alex is going around singing "More than just ______" (To the tune of "More than a feeling," by Boston)

18:07 13/12/13 Landing confirmed

18:08 13/12/13 Hold on, maybe she died. Give me a minute

18:10 13/12/13 We aren't actually sure. Lets assume she lived. Confirmed. She lived

18:14 13/12/13 Wheat Thins has gone to get me an RC Cola. Good man.

18:16 13/12/13 Kaeden crashed

18:16 13/12/13 Sim loft tour still going on

18:16 13/12/13 Tour completed, good things being said about the program

18:19 13/12/13 Tour members have commenced leaving

18:28 13/12/13 Ryan taking over logs. Meeting is being called, might start in 5 minutes at best.

18:33 13/12/13 Meeting actually commenced, the accuracy of that prediction is excellent.

18:33 13/12/13 We have enough astro apps.

18:33 13/12/13 We have 4.5 recurring Bell members, which really means 4 RECURRING Bell members.

18:34 13/12/13 UTSDC; If you are on a team, you need to register. Today is the early bird deadline.

18:35 13/12/13 DM makes a simulator pun

18:36 13/12/13 Taskforces

18:36 13/12/13 Bunks; need black and white paint

18:36 13/12/13 Plumbing: Arguement over who is head. Really creepy metaphors being tossed around, most about cuting off and burning heads.

18:37 13/12/13 They are "pretty much done."

18:38 13/12/13 Space Suits: Needs glue so they can finish helmets, needs something that will retain shape that people don't mind getting shredded.

18:39 13/12/13 Preferably something cheap.

18:39 13/12/13 Dunbar says that baseball hats are not intended to be hot.

18:39 13/12/13 This tangent is shut down immediately

18:40 13/12/13 Control pannel: They found a way to do it without expensive electronics. This is good.

18:40 13/12/13 Mersereau fails at english.

18:41 13/12/13 We attempt to have some kind of organisation when it comes to handing out gifts.

18:42 13/12/13 It works somewhat.

18:42 13/12/13 42, on a side note.

18:42 13/12/13 Maxim gets fake mustaches.

18:42 13/12/13 Wade gets gameboy game. The name is "It's Mr. Pants"

18:44 13/12/13 Apparently the buyer asked for the worst game he had.

18:44 13/12/13 Kaeden gets a Second Cup gift Card.

18:45 13/12/13 Wheatthins gets Wheatable Thins, best gift yet. Also a game called "No Rules, Get Phat"...

18:45 13/12/13 I got a physics book, it wasn't even wrapped.

18:47 13/12/13 Charles gets a Tim Card.

18:47 13/12/13 Mersereau gets food, and hates it. Everyone breaks out laughing at his "face of gratitude".

18:48 13/12/13 Daniel is getting a LOT of candy.

18:49 13/12/13 Patrick gets Chris Hadfeild's new book.

18:49 13/12/13 Lana gets a stuffed banana, and real bananas.

18:50 13/12/13 Noah and Benjamin get chocolate.

18:51 13/12/13 So many people are forgetting to remove receits.

18:51 13/12/13 Dunbar gets a fancy santa.

18:51 13/12/13 Dunbar gets the communist manifesta, in a bag labeled capitalism.

18:52 13/12/13 Jared got a box. It had a Steam Card in it.

18:53 13/12/13 Lots of smaller conversations break out, is the meeting still in progress?

18:55 13/12/13 Spencer didn't get anything, blame Anastasia.

18:57 13/12/13 Assuming direct control - "Spencer Whitehead, 1998-"

19:13 13/12/13 Wheat Thins is bad at sports, and will never be phat

19:28 13/12/13 Sharing is caring

19:28 13/12/13 Wheat Thins now at 3 Phat Points

19:29 13/12/13 Sharing is still caring

19:31 13/12/13 NEWSFLASH: Sharing is still caring

19:32 13/12/13 You must find the tallest tree in the forest, and cut it down with a HERRING

19:34 13/12/13 Maxim saw john cleese at the NAC. Good for him

19:38 13/12/13 Caring is Sharing

19:42 13/12/13 More than a phteven

19:45 13/12/13 I'll have a none pizza with left beef please

19:46 13/12/13 Sharing is caring

20:04 13/12/13: Kaeden, Matt, and Wade return with the pizza. And Star Munchkin. It's an early winter secular celebration miracle.

20:22 13/12/13: Richard and Patrick Hum arrived about 10 minutes ago. And Lawrence just showed up now.