Cold Start (procedures)

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Cold Starting is a term used to refer to the act of using the Fuel cell or Battery to heat up the Reactor so that it may be able to start reactions to produce energy. The steps to cold starting in the software are below.

The Power Grid Software, which controls the Cold Start Procedure.


Cold start should be initiated under the following conditions:




1. Open the Engineering Software
2. Select Cold Start c + Enter


1. Activate Fuel Cell Injector 7
2. Connect Fuel Cell to Bus2 n
3. Connect R-CON1 to Bus1 d
4. Connect Bus2 to TRN o
5. Connect Bus1 to TRN q
6. Charge Reactor Containment to 2000As
7. Disconnect RCON-1 from Bus1 d
8. Activate Temperature View Mode Tab
9. Connect Reactor Heater x
10. Continue until Fuel Cell temp >= 110C
11. Connect BAT to Bus2 r
12. Continue until BAT temp >= 80C
13. Disconnect Reactor Heater x
14. Wait until Fuel Cell Temp <=80C
15. Repeat LOOP until Reactor Temp=80C OR Reactor Containment < 100As
16. Activate Reactor Injectors 5 , 6
17. Disconnect Battery from Bus2 r
18. Disconnect Fuel Cell from Bus2 n
19. Deactivate Fuel Cell Injector 7


1. Connect Battery to BusA F3
2. Connect AYSE Reactor Heater to BusA 0
3. Wait until Reactor Temp=80C
4. Activate Reactor Injectors [ , ]
5. Disconnect Battery from BusA F3


Nuclear fusion is a high temperature process, and the reactor must be warmed before nuclear reactions can commence. As the reactions begin, it is essential that the reactors are shielded to prevent the astronauts from being irradiated. During the heating process, the reactor is unable to supply any power, so the fuel cell must be used to power both the reactor's shields and the heater.