Cold Start (procedures)

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Cold Starting is a term used to refer to the act of using the Fuel cell or Battery to heat up the Reactor so that it may be able to start reactions to produce energy. The steps to cold starting in the software are below.


Cold start should be initiated under the following conditions:


  1. Open the Engineering Software
  2. Type c to select cold start


  1. Turn on fuel cell injector
  2. Open up secondary bus
  3. Connect fuel cell to bus
  4. Connect containment to bus
  5. Charge containment to 2000As
  6. Disconnect containment from bus
  7. Connect reactor heater (TEMP)
  8. Let the reactor heat up till the fuel cell temperature is 110 centigrade
  9. Connect battery to bus (The battery will aid the fuel cell and let the fuel cell cool)
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 till reactor temperature is 80 centigrade (Glowing)
  11. Turn on reactor injectors
  12. Disconnect fuel cell and battery
  13. Turn off fuel cell injector


  1. Connect battery to bus
  2. Connect reactor heater (TEMP) to bus
  3. Heat reactor to 80 centigrade (Glowing)
  4. Turn on reactor injectors
  5. Turn off battery