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Sim Lore is one of the most entertaining parts of Sim. Sim Lore is all the stories of things gone wrong, of things gone right, funny things, sad things. Sim Lore is all the unofficial stuff, or just official stuff that is so funny that it shouldn't count as being official. Most Sim Lore is found in the Unoffical Logs.

Before you create a Lore page, make sure that it falls under one of the four categories. A Lore page must describe:

  • an event that occurred at Spacesim, either at a worksession or during a mission.
  • an item that belongs or belonged to Spacesim.
  • a practice that regularly occurs or occurred at worksessions.
  • a joke, saying, or practice that is so common among spacesim members and so frequently brought up that it cannot be left out. Since this is a somewhat subjective category, make sure before creating a page of this nature that almost everyone at Spacesim would agree that it is indispensable lore.

Also, editing lore pages should always come after editing fact-based pages. Any editing at all is good, but the more professional and facts-based it is the better. Make sure you aren't spending all of your time adding to this category.

This category contains Sim Lore. To add an article, insert {{lore}} at the very top of the article.


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