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To conserve space, bunk beds are used for sleeping in the Habitat. In the Hawking III, first inaugurated in 2008-09, the astronauts of Genesis 2009 had the chance to christen their beds.

Field of Daisies - Daisy Wong Teal'c - Olivia Frank Tarantino - Ben Paul
Xompar - Ian Martin Bryce - Maclean Rouble Love Bunk - Peter Macdonald

The names of the bunk beds on the Hawkings I and II are unknown, if they even had names.


For the 2009-10 year, Ian Martin, Euan Wheaton, Mikaela Stiver, and Morgan Mersereau are installing curtains to give the astronauts some privacy between bunks and to allow them to sleep if any lights are on in the habitat.