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To conserve space, bunk beds are used for sleeping in the Habitat. In the Hawking III, first inaugurated in 2008-09, the astronauts of Genesis 2009 had the chance to christen their beds.

Field of Daisies - Daisy Wong Teal'c - Olivia Frank Tarantino - Ben Paul
Andy - Ian Martin Lyra - Maclean Rouble Love Bunk - Peter Macdonald

The Hawking I had no bunk beds, just sleeping bags for the astronauts.

Hawking II Bunk Beds

Main article: Bunkbedgate
The original bunkbeds under construction in the Hawking II Longhouse in May 2006.
The bunk beds of the Hawking II were largely the work of Kevan Adlard, who built them out of materials recycled from the Wooden Habitat. Unfortunately, the bunk beds were structurally unsound, and broke on their first overnight test during the 2006-07 mission. The bottom fell out of the top bunk closest to the Interconnect with Stefan De Young falling through, largely unharmed, but substantially scratched. The following day, Cmdr. De Young and Nevin Hotson attempted to fix the bunk beds, but the bottom bunk on which they stood could not support both of their weights standing, and broke. While it is often claimed that either Cmdr. De Young or Mr. Hotson "jumped" on the bottom bunk, these allegations are unsubstantiated.

After the second bunk broke, Cmdr. De Young commissioned the creation of a repair-bot, who was constructed out of a pool noodle, air ducts, duct tape, an extension cord, and a circuit board. The longhouse cameras were deactivated, so as not to be damaged by the robot, and the robot was tasked with repairing the broken bunks, and verifying the integrity of the remaining four. Simulator Commander Kevan Adlard used the cover story of the repair bot to mask his entry into the Habitat, as he performed the robot's duties.


Curtain installed on the bunk bed in 2009
For the 2009-10 year, Ian Martin, Euan Wheaton, Mikaela Stiver, and Morgan Mersereau installed curtains to give the astronauts some privacy between bunks and to allow them to sleep if any lights are on in the habitat.