Bowling Pin Argument

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The Bowling Pin argument was an argument between Ethan and Jamie in a May 31st, 2020 voice call over whether an image could be added to the Bowling Pin article. A compromise was reached at the inclusion of the image on this page.

The image in question - I POOP I TOOT

It should be noted that this argument was conducted 4 in the morning, and the compromise was only reached due to Jamie reaching a degree of exhaustion beyond her ability to argue. Images such as this have no place on the wiki, and while the wiki can be humourous in nature due to the nature of the club, articles, especially scientific ones, are to remain entirely relevant to the subject matter. No true 'compromise' was reached, and the inclusion of this image and article on the wiki should only be an example of something that should never be done again.
If you are unsure if an image you want to post is acceptable for the wiki, visit the Style Guide, or contact the Wikimaster. Remember, even if a situation, image or article is of a humourous nature, this is a rare public face of a club with a serious reputation to uphold. The wiki is no place for crass, irrelevant, or 'just because' images. Thank you.