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BIOCOM is a program that monitors the physical and mental health of each astronaut. Ideally, three versions of BIOCOM exist; one for Mission Control and the Astronauts, and one for the simulators, the primary difference being that the simulator BIOCOM allows them to change the health statistics.

BIOCOM v.1.0

The first version of BIOCOM included injuries, sicknesses, radiation, and heart rate, among other things. The idea was first proposed in 2007-08. It was first coded for Lyra Evans and Peter Macdonald's Grade 11 Computers summative. It was not implemented during Mission Genesis, where it was to have been added to the suit of other monitoring software, such as ORBIT, EECOM and Engineering. The basic layout consisted of a Pivot-like stick figure for each astronaut with information regarding the state of their various joints and a number of statistics surrounding the image.

BIOCOM v.1.0 was scrapped in late 2009 when it was discovered that all the files on the 440 Albert network were corrupted.

BIOCOM v.2.0

The Mission Control and Astronaut version of BIOCOM v.2.0 was written in C++ on January 9, 2010 by Lyra Evans and Peter Macdonald with logistics determined by Samuel Baltz after a brief conference with Maclean Rouble and Dr. Jim Magwood. BIOCOM v.2.0 monitors the astronauts' State of Consciousness, State of Sleep, Hours Slept (total, over the course of the mission), Burn Levels, Radiation, Wounds, and Blood Pressure. BIOCOM v.2.0 can keep track of these stats for up to 8 astronauts, and is planned to include a picture of each astronaut. This version of BIOCOM is still being edited and is pending approval by Dr. Jim Magwood, but once it is complete and has passed his inspection it will replace BIOCOM v.1.0 as a commonly used program throughout Spacesim.

The version of BIOCOM v.2.0 for the simulators is still being planned.