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|box1={{member|Name = Arrian Amir-Rafiei
|box1={{member|Name = Arrian Amir-Rafiei
|picture = [[Image:196287 10150120373191252 610316251 6297669 6887321 n.jpg|300px]]
|picture = [[Image:196287 10150120373191252 610316251 6297669 6887321 n.jpg|300px]]
|grade = [[List of Spacesim Members#2012|11]]
|grade = [[List of Spacesim Members#2012|12]]
|school = [[Lisgar Collegiate]]
|school = [[Lisgar Collegiate]]
|curpos = [[Mission Commander]]
|curpos = [[Mission Commander]]

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196287 10150120373191252 610316251 6297669 6887321 n.jpg

Arrian Amir-Rafiei
Current Grade 12
School Lisgar Collegiate
Current Position Mission Commander
Former Positions Quartermaster, Director of Tech and Engineering
Callsign N/A
Pronouns N/A
Training Summary



Arrian is a current member of OCESS. He joined in 2008-09 as a grade nine and has been an astronaut on one mission, he has been a simulator in 2008-09 and was in MC as a mission specialist during the 2009-10 mission. In 2010-11, Arrian was the Tech Director, and the only grade eleven in the Hierarchy.Arrian Also participated as an Astronaut on the main mission. For the current 2011-12 school year, Arrian is the Mission Commander.

Time in OCESS

Grade Nine

Since joining OCESS, Arrian has spent a great deal of time helping out starting with the moving from the old room in 440 Albert to the new room. Arrian helped out with the sifting through the old computers taking valuable parts from old ones and doing his duty as a PC Gamer to rid the Earth of Apple Computers starting with one at OCESS which was brutally abused by a Hammer to the dismay of Admiral Magwood. Arrian also helped out with the general packing up of the old room and the moving to the new room. Arrian was their to see the old room dustless as well as the new room dustless. Once the new habitat was setup Arrian helped out with the installation of computers, and thus over the year became more proficient in the repair of computers. For the mission of 2008-09 Arrian participated as a simulator although due to the lack of people in MC he ended up running MC more then doing duties as a Simulator. During the mission Arrian also created one of the most memorable moments in the mission, the "Circles Don't Turn Moment" in which Arrian looked at Telemetry to see what appeared to be the habitat turning inside of AYSE and used CAPCOM to scold the astros, but it ended up backfiring as it turned out the habitat was attached to AYSE. If one looks to the Official and UnOfficial logs of Genesis 2009 one will find many references made to this event by Ian Martin. Arrian also created the Tapekachu During exam time.As the school year came to a close, Arrian's marks in English were falling, and this is the main contributing factor to why Arrian has been absent at so many Worksessions.

Grade Ten

In grade ten although Arrian missed many, many worksessions, he still worked hard on the home front, helping out with the Spacesim week of hype and trying
The RCA video switch
Wiki Task Force hard to benefit how ever he could. he remained a part of the and continued to work on the wiki through the year. As the second semester of school came up, Arrian started helping out more by helping out with the all important "General Application For Sponsorship" and making up the "Network Video Interface Proposal".

For the 2009-2010 mission, Arrian will be participating as a "Mission Specialist" or a person who is the subordinate of the Flight Director. Leading up to, and during the mission, Arrian worked on the video task force. One of the many things he did in this task force was design and build a switch to attach the multiple video feeds to one television on the Simulator Loft. Arrian also acted as Habitat Commander on a training mission when all commanders were in Toronto for UTSDC. Arrian is currently working on convincing his parents that Spacesim isn't a waste of time.

Grade Eleven

In his Grade Eleven year, Arrian is the first Tech Director in the new hierarchy. Arrian is also the certified Pilot, Engineering, and EECOM trainer. As per the training, Arrian hopes to have a training manual for orbit done by the end of the school year.


Arrian has thus far created 1 proposal:


Arrian's current callsign is "FANCY" in reference to his fanciful piloting skills during mission Dragan 2011 and for his particularly interesting way of saying the word fancy.