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AUXCOM is the position name for Auxiliary Communications. AUXCOM is a common staff position, and as such is found in both Mission Control and in the Habitat.


Communicate with a second AUXCOM to ensure communications between the Habitat and Mission Control using textual and visual means.


At any given time, there should only be one officer operating communications between Mission Control and the Habitat. CAPCOM is the priority communications position, and the communications officer should preferentially man CAPCOM.


AUXCOM is allocated a computer with NetMeeting installed. This computer might also be used by LOGS depending on workstation availibility.

Communications Procedures

  • The transmitter must be identified by "Callsign AUXCOM" on each transmission (this is done automatically by NetMeeting)
    • Earth-AUXCOM
  • Do not take time to correct spelling mistakes. (Don't make them in the first place.)
  • Notify the superior office (FLIGHT or Habitat Commander) upon receipt of message and summarize its contents verbally for them
  • Be concise and pertinent. AUXCOM is not a chatroom.
  • Be diligent in relaying all communications from your superior officer

Sign Language

In the event of loss of audio and textual communication, AUXCOM must be prepared to communicate visually through the use of Spacesim Standard Sign Language.