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| eep = [[Arthur Quang]]
| eep = [[Arthur Quang]]
| eeplt = N/A
| eeplt = N/A
| planet = [[Bryce Storey]]
| planet = [[Lyra Evans]]
| planetlt = N/A
| planetlt = N/A
| mission = [[Genesis 2009]]  
| mission = [[Genesis 2009]]  

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Mission genesis.png
Admiral Dr. James Magwood
Mission Commander Daisy Wong
Mission Lt. Commander Maclean Rouble
EEP Commander Arthur Quang
Planetarium Commander Lyra Evans
Mission Name Genesis 2009
Mission Destination Iapetus
Mission Dates April 30 2009 - May 2 2009
Location Ottawa Tech
Mission Astronauts Daisy Wong, Maclean Rouble, Ben Paul, Peter Macdonald, Ian Martin, and Olivia Frank
Webmaster Ben Paul
Quartermaster Arrian Amir-Rafiei
UTSDC Team Daisy Wong, Maclean Rouble, Ben Paul, and Matt Farkas-Dyck
Membership 30~


It was an important year as Spacesim changed rooms and built a new Habitat. Clayton Nguyen made the first mission patch in years, but no patches were ordered.


The first year:

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