2007-08 Planning Discussion

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This page contains the notes that were taken at the meeting on July 29th, 2007 to plan Spacesim's course for the next year. Discussion about their contents should take place on the talk page.

Events for Next Year

Discussion of next year's events centred both on developing new events and on improving existing ones

Spacesim Camping Trip

The first major suggestion was that Spacesim go on a 2-night camping trip over the first or second weekend of October 2007 (5th-7th or 12th-14th). This event would have several benefits, including

  • possibly attracting new members
  • serving as an opportunity for star-gazing, since Gatineau or Algonquin are free of light pollution
  • building camaraderie and a sense of esprit de corps among those who attend
  • serving as preparation for the mission, in that all supplies must be planned and brought in ahead of time, since resupply is difficult

Several observations were made about this possible event:

  • It is unlikely that Spacesim members possess enough camping equipment to run this event. This means that three options are apparent:
    1. Spacesim buys camping equipment
      • This could be a significant expenditure, depending on how much must be purchased
      • It would leave us well-prepared to run such an event in future
    2. Spacesim members buy camping equipment
      • This relieves some of the strain upon our budget, but might be asking too much of the families of members
    3. Spacesim borrows camping equipment from the Outdoor Ed. stockpile
      • While this option is much cheaper than the other two, it relies upon us obtaining permission from the school to use its equipment
      • This also imposes scheduling constraints, since we would have to work around Outdoor Ed's use of the same equipment
      • Damaging or losing the equipment would result in us having to make good the damage/lost, possibly at significant expense

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