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Task forces consist of groups of people who are working to complete a certain task, or series of related tasks during worksessions.


Task forces have been around ever since Spacesim started. Back then, they usually consisted of a few dedicated people who decided that they wanted to work on this certain task over a period of several worksessions. They were not institutionalized, and most people chose not to be part of any task force: preferring to freelance for the duration of the work session.

In 2006, the task forces were re-organized to improve efficiency and productivity. The task forces were institutionalized and placed under the command of the task force leader.

Unfortunately, the new system failed to stick, and was discarded with neither pomp nor circumstance. Since then, club Co-Presidents have attempted to organize members into taskforces by assigning tasks to whomever happens to be in their line-of-sight when the task was thought of.


As of the 2006 reorganization, all task forces are to be approved by the TFC and they would thus recieve official support from the administration. The task forces would be available for everybody to sign up. If somebody is clearly loitering, the TFC can arbitarily assign him to the cleaning task force. Each task force is headed by a task force leader who is in charge of teaching the task force members how to complete the task. The Task force leader is also suposed to submit status reports to the task force coordinator for review and to insure that the proper resources are allocated and that everything is on schedual.

So far the new system has been a partial success; productivity has increased and a hoard of new task forces has been approved. However, the status repost system has been neglected.

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