Maclean Rouble

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Maclean Rouble
Current Grade Alumnus
School Lisgar Collegiate
Current Position Mission Commander
Former Positions Subcommander

Maclean Rouble (callsign: Carter) is a current member of OCESS. She joined the organization during her Grade 9 year (2006-07), but was unable to attend much of the first half of the year due to a broken leg. She has been an astronaut on three missions, with her most recent being the 2009-10 mission to Europa, Ganymede, and Io.



Maclean was born in Toronto in 1992 and moved to Ottawa in 2000. She has attended McMurrich Public School (Kindergarten to Grade 3), Mutchmor Public School (Grade 3 to 6), Glashan Intermediate School (Grade 7 and 8), and Lisgar Collegiate Institute (Grade 9 to 12). She is of Scottish-Polish/Russian descent, which frequently draws jokes about being apparently named after a unit of money.

Within OCESS

Maclean first encountered SpaceSim on an assignment from the Lisgarwrite (Lisgar's school newspaper) during the first week of school in September, 2006. She enjoyed her experience at 440 Albert more than she did working for the newspaper, and decided to quit one club to join another. However, much of the first half of Maclean's Grade 9 year was uneventful as far as OCESS was concerned, as she broke her leg playing volleyball and was henceforth unable to attend work sessions. During the later half of the year, she returned to the club as a regular member and trained as a pilot. She was involved as both a Simulator and a MC during that year's mission.

In 2007-08, Maclean continued her flight training and began teaching others to use the piloting software as well. She was selected as an astronaut on that year's mission to Mars, and served as Co-Pilot, the third-ranking officer aboard the Habitat.

In 2008-09, she was chosen as SpaceSim's Sub-Commander, under Mission Commander Daisy Wong. Aboard that year's mission to Iapetus, she also served as Pilot. During the year, she was the official Flight Instructor, and began working on various protocols for OCESS, including AYSE docking procedures, CAPCOM protocol, and updating the OCESS Procedure Manual.

This year, she is Mission Commander and Pilot, and is continuing to work as Flight Instructor. The OCESS Procedure Manual is still a work in progress, and she is updating the CAPCOM protocols again to include the use of sign language and Morse Code.


Maclean's callsign was debated upon for quite some time before 'Carter' was chosen. Other candidates included Dusty (for the remarkable amount of dirt that accumulated on her flightsuit), Salsa (for a rather hasty avoidance of Venus while practicing on Orbit), Zipper (for flying too quickly, for fiddling with her flightsuit's zipper, and for having a pencil case made of zippers), and Mister (for her initials, M.R., and her often-boyish attitude). Carter was selected due to Maclean's continual complaints about the lousy science spouted by Major Samantha Carter, from the 90's television series, Stargate: SG-1, as well as her own role (in 2008-2009) as second-in-command, her tendency to come up with hasty science during the mission and at UTSDC to get the team or crew out of 'tight spots', and her blond-ish hair. The fact that Maclean's middle name is Carter sealed the deal.

Much to her displeasure.


In her spare time, Maclean enjoys theoretical astrophysics, practical astrophysics, writing, drawing, lesbianism, and 90's sci-fi.


Maclean has participated on three Spacesim UTSDC teams:

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