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440 Albert St.

Ottawa Tech is short for Ottawa Technical High School and is the current location of Space Simulation. Located at 440 Albert Street, the facility served as a high school offering vocational and trade related courses throughout the 50s and 60s. It was finally closed in 1992 due to declining enrollment and the decreasing demand for tradesmen. The school is still maintained by OCDSB and is used partly as a daycare, storage facility, and most importantly, a residence for the OCESS. Despite the property being valued at $10 million, the school board plans to hold onto the building, hoping to re-open the high school at a later time. Thus, the future of Spacesim's home is secure for the moment.

Spacesim's sign on the new room

OCESS moved into Ottawa Tech in 1993, but was forced to leave in 1998 due to the fact that the OCDSB was preparing to sell the school. It was allowed back in 2001 after the closing of their Media Centre facilities.

Ottawa Tech graciously allowed the OCESS to make use of their auto garage, which was transformed into our location for many years. Ottawa Tech is where OCESS housed its Mission Control, Habitat, planetary surface and Simulators stations; as well as being the location for EEPs. The Masons were trained next door, creating even more dust than is usual at Spacesim in this room.

Spacesim's previous room at 440 Albert

The Great Move

In 2007-08, the organization was told they would have to move to another room in the building where a new Habitat would be built. The construction of the New Habitat and deconstruction of the Old Habitat began at the end of November 2008. During the 2008-09 mission, Mission Control was set up in another portion of the same room; currently, Spacesim has moved mission control to the Sim Office via a virtual private network.

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