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== &lt;span style=&quot;color:#008000&quot;&gt;'''Welcome to the Ottawa Carleton Educational Space Simulation Wiki!'''&lt;/span&gt;''' ==

Commonly known as [ Spacesim], the [[OCESS]] is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a love for space, science, teamwork and exploration in students of all ages. For over 30 years, OCESS has inspired high school students to learn about space through our annual [[Mission]]s, and share their passion with others through our educational [[Planetarium]] program. OCESS' rich history has been documented throughout the years so that the memorable, inspirational and educational exploits can be looked back upon for generations to come.
We want to preserve the knowledge and experiences of Spacesim forever, and you can start by sharing your knowledge with current and future members of OCESS.

&lt;span style=&quot;color:#ff00ff&quot;&gt; Enjoy!.&lt;/span&gt;
[[Jamie Tait-Glossop]]
[[Education Commander]] [[2019-20]]/[[2020-21]]
[[Image:440 MC 3D.jpg|x200px]] [[Image:Kelpernicus.png|x200px]][[Image:Medkit.jpg|x200px|border]]
[[Image:Rigelfeatured.png|frame|x150px|Featured Article: [[Samuel's and Arrian's ES1 Reprimands]]]]
==Getting Started==

{|align=center style=&quot;border:solid; width:40em&quot;
!Width=250px|  [[Member Portal]]
!Width=250px|  [[Visitor Portal]]
|align=left|  [[Getting Connected|Create an Account]]
|align=left|  [[Mission Statement]]
|align=left|  [[User talk:FaraFellow|OCESS Wiki Revival Project]]
|align=left|  [[Contacts]]
|align=left|  [[Beginner's Guide to the Wiki]]
|align=left|  [[Members]]
|align=left|  [[OCE_Space_Simulation:Community_Portal| The Wiki &quot;To Do&quot; List]]
|align=left|  [[Education|Educational Outreach]]
|align=left|  [[:Category:Stubs|Articles Needing Expansion]]
|align=left|  [[Mission|The Mission]]
|align=left|  [[Habitat Systems|Habitat Systems Project]]
|align=left|  [[Sim History|Spacesim History]]
|align=left|  [[:Category:Extraterrestrial|Planets Project]]
|align=left|  [[Sim Lore|Spacesim Lore]]
|align=left|  [[Procedures Table of Contents|Simulation Procedures]]
|align=left|  [[Administration|Organisational Structure]]
|align=left|  [[Lists]]
|align=left|  [[Social Media]]
|align=center|                                                                [ Other Lisgar Clubs]

The wiki is currently maintained by [[Jamie Tait-Glossop]]. Contact her if you have any questions or concerns.</rev>