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<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <embeddedin eicontinue="10|Stub|1494" />
      <ei pageid="1297" ns="0" title="Public Relations Director" />
      <ei pageid="1322" ns="0" title="Ottawa Board of Education" />
      <ei pageid="1325" ns="0" title="OCDSB" />
      <ei pageid="1346" ns="0" title="Mission Patch" />
      <ei pageid="1396" ns="0" title="Payload Specialist" />
      <ei pageid="1406" ns="0" title="GUIDO" />
      <ei pageid="1450" ns="0" title="Scientific Equipment" />
      <ei pageid="1486" ns="0" title="Media Centre" />
      <ei pageid="1487" ns="0" title="Ross Green" />
      <ei pageid="1488" ns="0" title="Nikolas Zuchowicz" />