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      <page pageid="3110" ns="0" title="Reaction Control Thrusters">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">The '''Reaction Control Thrusters''', better known as RCS (Reaction Control System) Thrusters, are small thrusters located on all sides of the [[Habitat]] and [[Ayse]]. These thrusters are used both for very fine adjustment of movement in space as well as for turning. The RCS Thrusters in the [[Orbit]] software are a variation of [ Vernier Thrusters].

==How They Work==
The RCS Thrusters use compressed gas which comes from the byproducts of the fusion reactions in the [[Reactor]]. The gas is compressed in a storage tank until it is needed. The RCS gas tanks hold enough gas for ~106 uses without being charged.

[[Category:Engineering Systems]]
      <page pageid="2703" ns="0" title="Reactor">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">The '''Reactor''' is the main system on the power bus that creates power. In the [[Engineering]] [[:Category:Software|Software]] there are two reactors, the [[Habitat]] reactor, and the [[Ayse]] reactor. Both of these reactors work on the same principles, but the Ayse reactor is capable of much higher power output.

==Habitat Reactor==

The Habitat uses a tokamak reactor which uses a deuterium-tritium fusion reaction to generate power. The reactor is supplied with fuel from the main fuel tanks, which contain 78 t of lithium and 22 t of deuterium. When refueling, if there is no access to deuterium and tritium, hydrogen can be used instead although the reaction will not be as efficient, and will produce less power.  

==Ayse Reactor==

The Ayse Drive uses the same tokamak style fusion reactor as the Habitat, except on a much larger scale; the reactor is 14.5x more powerful then the Habitat reactor. Fuel is provided by an enormous 15,000,000 t fuel tank, which contains 11,700,000 t of lithiun and 4,300,000 t of deuterium.

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